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Upcoming events

    • 15 Oct 2018
    • 25 Feb 2019
    • 18 sessions
    • WORKSHOPS RUN EACH MONDAY, YEAR ROUND. Drop ins are welcome!

    Building Better Marriages is an ongoing, drop-in workshop. A MMJ facilitator explores a new topic each week in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome with no pressure to share.

    Monday evenings, 6-8 p.m.
    536 N. Jackson St., Jackson.  Map it

    Childcare is available at the YMCA for ages 6 months to 8 years old for $5 each.  Map it

    For more information about MMJ's Building Better Marriages workshopcall (517) 796-5116.


    Upcoming Topics:

    October 15 - Handling Anger Constructively

    October 22 - Speaking the Truth in Love

    October 29 - How to Fight Fair; Conflict Resolution

    November 5 - Money Matters

    November 12 - Forgiveness & Repair

    November 19 - Rebuilding Trust

    November 26 - Building a Climate of Respect

    December 3 - Responsibility and the Blame Game

    December 10 - Understanding Expectations

    December 17 Redefining the Power Struggle

    December 24 - NO WORKSHOP / Christmas Eve

    December 31 - NO WORKSHOP / New Year's Eve

    January 7 - Control Issues

    January 14 -  Listening Beyond the Words 

    January 21 - Personality Differences

    January 28 - Childhood Issues & Emotional Baggage

    February 4 - Handling Anger Constructively

    February 11 - Speaking the Truth in Love

    February 18 - How to Fight Fair; Conflict Resolution

    February 25 - Money Matters


    Note: Topics continue in the above cycle throughout the year, so if you miss one, no worries. It will come up at a later date!

    Is MMJ’s Building Better Marriages Workshop for you?

    Every couple can use some home improvement!

    My marriage is hurting.
    You are not alone. Many will go, have gone, or are going through tough times. Relationships can be complicated. Each person brings a history and expectations to the mix, then add in some life events (babies, in-laws, job changes), stir, and you have the perfect recipe for marital stress. Tips and tools you gain at this workshop will help your marriage thrive, not just survive.

    You might be thinking “I can’t go on living like this!” Or wondering “Is this as good as it gets?” Or believing “We will never feel the same way we used to about each other.” Marriage Matters Jackson’s weekly marriage restoration workshops have helped hundreds of couples rebuild, renew and regain their relationship. People just like you.

    My husband or wife won’t come with me.
    That’s fine.  When one half of a couple learns skills and gains information, the relationship can improve or grow even stronger. People often come by themselves to MMJ’s weekly Building Better Marriages workshops and take home usable techniques and insight to help their relationship.

    We aren’t married yet.
    Although MMJ believes in and promotes the benefit of lifelong marriage, there is no “marriage license check” at the door -- relationship skills help everybody.  

    My marriage is fine.
    Great! We hear that all the time, and people who are doing fine still get great encouragement and tips at MMJ events and workshops, like MMJ’s weekly Building Better Marriages workshop.

    "Our marriage is stronger and happier now than it's ever been."

    "This workshop is realistic and useful for every relationship."

    "Arguments are next to gone, after 5+ years of constantly living in a state of anger and stress."

    "We were on the verge of divorce and now I believe we will be staying together because of what we learned at the workshops."


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