Q1: What is Marriage Matters Jackson?

A: Marriage Matters Jackson works to
promote, prepare, and preserve healthy marriages. The MMJ mission is to strengthen marriage for the benefit of adults and children, decrease unnecessary divorce, and measurably impact our community today and for future generations by using proved and dynamic methods to: Communicate the importance of healthy relationships and marriage, Connect the community to marriage education and preparation, and Collaborate with community leaders and organizations.


Q2: What can Marriage Matters Jackson do for my marriage?

A: Marriage Matters Jackson works to connect people to programs and services to help prepare for marriage and strengthen existing marriages. Let’s say for example you have been married 10 years and want some help with better communication. You might want to sign up for a workshop, attend one of our quarterly Date Your Mate Events or check out our resources on the web.


Q3: Why does marriage matter?

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Q4: Is marriage education the same as counseling?


A: Marriage education is not counseling. It teaches relationship skills and looks at issues which may get missed in the romance of dating and engagement. Developing positive relationship skills reduces stress, creating stronger, more satisfying marriages.

Q5: Is marriage education only for married couples?

A: Absolutely not. People learn about marriage from infancy on. We learn about relationships from the patterns we see with our own parents. When teens and young adults are forming romantic relationships MMJ believes that is a crucial time to start teaching about healthy relationships. We offer programming for everyone from teens through seniors.


Q6: Are you a religious group?

While Marriage Matters Jackson is not a religious group, we partner with local churches and MMJ is the only community-based marriage education organization in the area.

MMJ workshops and events provide marriage and dating education from research-based materials. We work cooperatively with churches and community organizations. MMJ has been well-received in its presentations and workshops hosted at local public and private schools, numerous community venues, and at churches of various denominations. 


Q7: How do I sign up for one of your workshops?

A: Workshops are now forming for singles, engaged couples and married couples. Register here or call Marriage Matters Jackson at 517-796-5116 to be added to the list.


Q8: Can you provide a MMJ speaker for my event?

A: We may be able to help you by providing a speaker to talk to your group about general marriage topics, helpful premarital relationship planning, and marriage enrichment opportunities. To determine how we can help call 517-796-5116 or e-mail us!

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